Sunday Daily Flower Deals!

Get an Eighth of 21% Raspberry Cookies for only $22 (normally $35) with the purchase of ANY item!
*One BB Per Regular Item Purchased, No Limits*

Spend $100 between 2pm-4pm and get a FREE 1g Blair Roll!
*Free Means A Penny*

Sunday Flower Deals

Now $40/E, $70/Q, $135/H. $250/OZ
Forbidden Zkittlez

Now $30/E, $55/Q, $105/H. $200/OZ
Deadband #7
Patapeake Shortbread
Sunset Octane

Now $20/E, $36/Q, $65/H. $125/OZ
Fresh Maker
Gelato Cake
Huckleberry Soda #5
Legendary GMO

Now $15/E, $28/Q, $55/H. $105/OZ
Divided Sky Pop.
Do-Si-Dos Untr
Fat Banana
Hazy Kush
Hennessy OG
Neapolitan Space Cream Untr
Peyote Cookies Pop.
Royal Moby
Speedy Chile
Strawberry Banana
Wedding Punch
Wicked Space
Zen Cookies

Buy One Get One 50% OFF
ALL Pre-Packed Eighths!
52 Hertz
818 Headband
Alien OG
Apple Fritter
Banana MAC
Banana Split
Berry Fritter
Berry Tart
Better Than Yours
Blue Cheese
Buckin Runtz
Cheetah Piss
Chem Fuego
Cherry Burger (Lim)
Cherry Cheesecake
Collins Ave
Colonial Kush
Compound Z
Crumpets (Lim)
Dosidos 22-22 (Lim)


Prices are subject to change to the prices in effect at the time of purchase. Seller reserves the right to make any corrections to prices quoted due to clerical errors or errors of omission. Strain potencies are subject to change due to fast moving inventory. Please verify with your budtender the THC and Terpenes content before completing your purchase.

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