Ocimene, like all terpenes, is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon found in cannabis. It is known as a monoterpene per its two isoprene units. It has a very sweet, citrus-floral, and slightly herbal scent, similar to mint, basil, or more specifically orchids. Ocimene, although similar to myrcene and other monoterpenes, has a considerably lower boiling point.

It is known as an excellent anti-oxidant, and in addition, Ocimene is being researched as a viable anticonvulsant and also may have promise in antitumor/cancer research as it interferes with the mechanisms of certain types of toxins. Ocimene also can act as a strong bronchial dilator and therefore is known to have decongesting effects.

Isomers of ocimene are known to act as a natural defense mechanism for plants as they combat fungal growth. However, similarly, to myrcene, ocimene is unstable in the air and readily oxidizes, making it able to polymerize like myrcene.

Ocimene can be found in a number of strains, but in Maryland in can be found in Texas Shoreline #3 (Grassroots) or Citrus Kleaner (Evermore) in respectively high concentrations.

When choosing your cannabis strain, always ask for the terpene profile as well as the cannabinoid profile so you can better choose a strain that will have the benefits you are seeking. You can often find the terpene profiles of products on our menu.


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Common Name: beta – OCIMENE
IUPAC Name: 3,7-Dimethylocta-1,3,6-triene
Formula: C 10 H 16
Boiling Point: 212 o F (100 o C)


Written by Paul Walter

Sources: NCBI, Tarmo Nuutinen

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