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Disclaimer: Second Chance Sunday deals are subject to availability and may not reflect the same strains/products. Flash sales are not included.

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Flower Deals

Flower Deals

*While Supplies Last*

Today’s Eighth Deals
Garlic Cookies 34%
Star 91 34%
Hammerhead 31%

Hollyweed 30%
Cake N Chem 29%
Wizard Gum 29%

Chem de la Chem 28%
True OG 29%
Birthday Cake Small Buds 26%

Phantom Cookies 27%
Sour Bobby 27%
Lemon Skunk 29%

Cherry Chem 23%
Pelirroja 20%
Wedding Punch 20%

Sunshine #4 16%
Clementine 17%
Mandarin Cookies Untrimmed 20%

Bulk Flower Deals
Gelato Cake 24%

Grape Gorilla Glue 23%
Rosaberry CBD 12%/4%

$110/Half | $200/Oz
Lemon Meringue 17%

Today Only Pre-Roll Deal:
Air Force One 29%
gSpot 27%
Sir Lando 29%

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Shake/Trim Deals

Shake/Trim Deals

*While Supplies Last*

Today’s Shake Deals

$75/Half | $145/Oz
Cake N Chem Shake 24%

$70/Half | $130/Oz
Ghost OG Shake 17%

Garlic Cookies Shake 35%

Hollyweed Shake 29%
Birthday Cake Shake 26%

Hammerhead Shake 26%
True OG Shake 25%
Grape Gorilla Glue Shake 24%

Wedding Punch Shake 19%
Grandpa’s Stash Shake 20%

“Shake” refers to shake/trim. 

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Vape Deals

Vape Deals

*While Supplies Last*

Every day in April:
30% OFF
Cresco Liquid Live Resin Vapes!
*FREE Swag bag today when you buy 2 Cresco vapes! Includes battery, Cresco hat, & MORE! While supplies last*
Crafted from premium fresh frozen flower, this butane-extracted oil is a high terpene, full spectrum cannabis oil, providing maximum aroma, potency and flavor.

Today’s Vape Deals
30% OFF
Rythm Vape Cartridges!

40% OFF
Rythm Disposables!

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Concentrate Deals

Concentrate Deals

*While Supplies Last*

30% OFF
Cresco Concentrates!

30% OFF
MPX Concentrates!

30% OFF
Verano Concentrates!

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Edible Deals

Edible Deals

*While Supplies Last*

Thursday Daily Deal
30% OFF

ALL Edibles & Consumables!

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Topical Deals

Topical Deals

*While Supplies Last*

30% OFF
ALL Topicals: Lotions, Balms, Patches, & MORE!

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Blair Wellness Center Return Policy
Patients are responsible for verifying all product information and accuracy of their purchase and its contents (including THC/CBD percentages, terpene profile, etc.).  ALL FLOWER SALES ARE FINAL.

Defective Products
Must be returned within 5 days. Defective products will be exchanged for the same or similar item. Patients must have the receipt and products must be in original packaging.


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