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Disclaimer: Second Chance Sunday deals are subject to availability and may not reflect the same strains/products. Flash sales are not included.

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Flower Deals

Flower Deals

*While Supplies Last*

Monday Daily Deals

Garlic Cookies 32%
Guava IX 33%
Clusterfunk 32%
Sky Lotus 31%
Born Killer 29%

Sunset Shortcake 28%
Gelato Cake 28%
Caps Frozen Lemons 27%
Grape Gorilla Glue 25%
Stardawg Bubblegum 25%

Space Face 24%
Mendo Purps 23%
Blue Coral 22%
Cherry Chem 21%
Miracle Alien Cookies#10 21%

Mandarin Cookies Untrim 24%
Sour Papaya 24%
Jack Herer Pop. 23%
Layer Cake 21%
Mimosa 21%

Meatbreath 19%
Cecil’s Pride 14%
Coal Fire Kush 15%
Jilly Bean 14%

Bulk Flower Sale!

Lost Cause Outdoor 25%
Rosaberry 12%/4%

Flower Flash Sale!
*No Other Discounts*

Lemon Kush Headband
Stardawg (Kind Tree)

Mango CBD

Lemon Grenades
Sonny G

Pre-Roll Deals!
Velvet Smooth 29%

Grape Stomper Big Dog 18%

Cherry Chem 23%

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Shake/Trim Deals

Shake/Trim Deals

*While Supplies Last*

Shake Deals!

Texas Shoreline Shake 23%
Peyote Cookies Shake 16%

Garlic Cookies Shake 31%
Born Killer Shake 28%

Motorbreath Shake 27%

Assorted “End of Jar” Shake is back – ask your budtender!
*While Supplies Last*

“Shake” refers to shake/trim.

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Vape Deals

Vape Deals

*While Supplies Last*

Monday Daily Deals!

30% OFF
ALL Vapes & Disposables!

Vape Flash Sale:

Blue Dream CBD

Sour Cyan Dream Live Resin TED

PK Fire 2:1
Cannatonic CBD Cart

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Concentrate Deals

Concentrate Deals

*While Supplies Last*

Monday Daily Deals! 

30% OFF
ALL Concentrates & RSO!


Sunshine#4 Live Resin Badder

Vireo Yellow Syringe
THC:CBD 6:1 (1g)
Dr. Solomon’s THC Rich Syringe 82%

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Edible Deals

Edible Deals

*While Supplies Last*

Monday Daily Deals!

30% OFF
ALL Chocolate Discos

30% OFF
ALL Curio Chews!

30% OFF
Select Squeeze Drinks!

Edible Flash Sale!

20mg THC/5mg CBN RSO Capsules


Dr. Solomon’s CBN Capsules(1:1 CBN/THC)

Curio Chew Sale:
Blood Orange 20:2
Honey Lemon 2:20

Tinctures: $20/Each
Frutful Blueberry Tincture 1:1:1
Frutful Watermelon 1:1

Vireo Red Oral Solution 19:1
Vireo Blackberry Oral Spray 19:1

 *Select Edibles over 10mg/each will be removed from the market within 90 days per MMCC Regulations – ask your budtender for more information!*

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Topical Deals

Topical Deals

*While Supplies Last*

Daily Deals!

30% OFF

ALL Topicals, Patches, Balms,

Muscle Oils, & MORE!

Ask about Synergy Warming Balm & Grassroots Muscle Oil!

Topical Flash Sale:
Muscle Oil 2:1 $39
Muscle Balm 2:1 $33
Muscle Oil 4:1 $33
Muscle Balm 4:1 $36

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Blair Wellness Center Return Policy
Patients are responsible for verifying all product information and accuracy of their purchase and its contents (including THC/CBD percentages, terpene profile, etc.).  ALL FLOWER SALES ARE FINAL.

Defective Products
Must be returned within 5 days. Defective products will be exchanged for the same or similar item. Patients must have the receipt and products must be in original packaging.


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