poochie love flower featuring 1% pinene


Happy Terpene Tuesday from your favorite Blair fam! Today, we’re talking Pinene – the focus terpene.

Pinene is a monoterpene most known for it’s distinctive pine aroma and potential alerting, stimulating effects. It comes in two forms: alpha and beta. Pinene works by blocking acetylcholinestrase from breaking down acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter that helps to relay signals related to attention, motivation, arousal, alertness, and skeletal muscle movement. This gives pinene awide array of potential benefits from memory to physical improvements. It can act as a bronchiodialator, meaning it would help to open up the upper respiratory tract for patients with asthma. It can also be a powerful anti-inflammatory, making it beneficial for patients with arthritis, Chron’s disease, and MS. While THC is known to have negative effects on memory, the acetylcholine-inhibiting effects of pinene can prohibit that and can even aid in memory retention.

Pinene can be a great option for medicating before physical activity or on days that you need that extra focus! When do you seek out pinene?


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