Medical marijuana has proven to be effective in the treatment of an array of diseases and disorders. While the science behind its effectiveness is still to be fully determined, its ability to lessen chronic symptoms leaves little room for debate. Medical marijuana has shown to reduce the effects of a number of medical conditions and symptoms, including:

Nausea – Medical marijuana has been known to lessen this symptom for patients living with an array of nausea-inducing medical issues. Medical marijuana is also used to improve appetite and make the consumption of nutrients easier for patients with nausea.

Pain Relief – Medical marijuana can help lessen chronic pain for patients experiencing painful side effects stemming from a medical diagnosis. From Crohn’s disease to arthritis and more, medical cannabis is used by many to alleviate these physical symptoms.

Inflammation – Inflammation often leads to pain, discomfort and other crippling concerns. Medical marijuana has shown to reduce inflammation, the intensity of joint pain, improve the body’s immunity to inflammatory diseases, and more.

Mental Health – From anxiety and PTSD to mood disorders, medical marijuana has been used for years to improve the quality of life among patients. Medical cannabis has shown to improve symptoms of mental illness, reduce psychosis and help patients sleep more steadily throughout the night.

Epilepsy – The positive effects of medical marijuana on the control of seizures has been extensively studied over the last few years. When controlled and monitored by a physician, medical cannabis has shown the potential of lessening epileptic fit frequency and risk among patients.

It is clear that the study of medical marijuana will continue to find ways to help patients living with discomfort. Although medical cannabis has shown to alleviate pain, anxiety and more, it’s important to discuss your concerns with a physician before using medical cannabis to treat any individual symptoms.

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