Medical Marijuana FAQ

  • What services will a medical marijuana dispensary be able to provide and how does it work?

    Dispensaries may distribute medical cannabis in processed form or dried flower. Dispensaries will also be permitted to supply devices to administer medical cannabis. Qualified patients or their caregivers must present either their state-issued ID cards, or a valid state issued ID card at the door. No one else is permitted to enter the establishment other than registered employees. Once admitted, patients are welcomed by a trained staff who will help the patient make decisions based on their health needs.

  • How much medical cannabis and medical cannabis-infused product can a patient obtain in 30 days?

    ‚ÄčThe certification issued by a provider for a patient identifies the amount of dried flower and THC that the patient may purchase in a 30-day period. The limit is calculated as a ROLLING 30-day limit- not by calendar month. Each Patient in Maryland will typically start off with 120 Grams of Dried Flower for the Month.

  • Is the consumption of medical cannabis allowed on the premises of a licensed company?

    Simply put, no. Cannabis is still an illegal substance under federal law, in addition to only being legal medicinally with in Maryland. Most companies and locations will not allow cannabis consumption in and around their place of work.

  • Does the doctor decide what my dosage is?

    When you are given your Medical Cannabis Card, it is up to the provider to determine the dosage for the patient.

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